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Q: Are these custom pet portraits painted or photo portraits?
A: It's a photographic process that has been manipulated to look like a painting. In addition, it often involves some hand painting on top of the photo.

Q. How much does it cost to get one of your pet remembrance portraits?
A: $75.

Q:  I have no idea what colors or styles will go best with my pet's portrait.  What should I do?
A:  On the order form, just check the "You Pick" box. We'll select colors and backgrounds we think will look best and will create up to 3 different design proofs.

Q: What size is the finished product? 
A: The print is 8x10 which fits a standard size frame. 

Q:  Can I have a larger size?
A: Yes. Just tell us what you want. The cost will be slightly higher but we'll quote you a price.  

Q: My photo isn't the greatest. Can you still use it to create art of my pet?
A: Probably. We do a lot of retouching (generally on eyes), and remove backgrounds and people in the photos. We will let you know if we do not feel we can use your photo, but frankly, that is a rare occasion.

Q: What else do I get besides the 8" x 10" print?
A: You will get a CD with ALL of the proofs we create. This allows you to change your mind later--and still get a print of a different background.  You can also put your pet's portrait on anything you like. (Coffee mugs, mouse pad, shower curtain--you name it--you can probably put your pet's portrait on it!)

Q: What if I am unable to e-mail the photo I have?
A: Email us and we'll send you an address where you can mail your photo.  We'll scan it and return it asap.

Q: How long does the portrait process take?
A: From submitting your photo to having it in your hands is generally 7 days.

Q: Does it cost more if there are multiple pets in the photo?
A: No. But the pets must be in the same photo so that the perspective is the same.

Q: Can I have my pet's name incorporated into the portrait?
A: Yes. In fact, most clients do have us add their pet's name on the portrait.

Q: What if I have a custom request?
A: Just e-mail us what you have in mind. Unless it's complicated, we won't charge extra.

Q: What if I don't like the portrait?
A: Then you pay nothing. We don't ask for your credit card information until AFTER you have approved your pet's portrait. If you want, you may send another photo and we'll try again. We want you to absolutely LOVE your pet's portrait.
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