The Affordable Pet Portrait
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How It Works:
For example, shown below is the original photo of Boots.
Every portrait uses two things:  a BACKGROUND color and STYLE.
   *  We offer 12 basic BACKGROUND colors. (See "Backgrounds.")
   *  We offer 4 basic STYLES: Solid, Watercolor, Hearts and Scrolls.

Shown below are examples of the 4 basic styles:
We work from a photo you mail or email to us.

Step 1:  Browse through our Backgrounds and Portrait Styles.  Take note of ones you especially like.  (All portraits have numbers on them)

Step 2:  Now go to our "Order" page and fill out our simple form, noting what you like.  You can be specific--or you can just tell us you like the "standard" and the "watercolor" styles and you like blues and gold colors.  Or you can say:  "You choose" and we'll pull together colors and backgrounds we think will look best.

Step 3:  Email us a photo or two of your pet. 

Step 4:  We'll create and email a minimum of 3 proofs using different backgrounds and styles.  

Step 5:  Once you approve the portrait (and have picked your favorite), payment is made and we'll send you the following:
     •  One 8" x 10" color print
     •  A CD with ALL of the proofs we created in a .jpg format
Above:  A STANDARD STYLE fills the entire frame with the background colors. This example uses the Blue to Gold Gradient background colors.
Above:  WATERCOLOR STYLE (has a feathered appearance around the edges. This example uses Taupe as the background behind the dog, with a white foreground.)
Above:  This is a SCROLL STYLE portrait with a background color of Mottled Gold behind the dog, and with a black foreground.
Above:  The HEART STYLE has heart shaped cutouts on one side and a paintbrush style to the edges as shown here.  (In this example, the background color behind the dog is called "Leather.)